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How to obtain a work-based green card without going through the H-1B visa

H-1B visa

As obtaining an H-1B visa becomes more difficult, more and more people who are being sponsored for a green card through their employer are getting it done through the EB-3 visa, sometimes by using Optional Practice Training (OPT). The third-preference EB-3 visa is the most widely used employment-based immigration visa. Applicants may include both skilled workers (people whose jobs require at least 2 years of work experience) and unskilled workers (for positions that do not take into account prior work experience or a minimum education requirement.) Even if you have a college degree in a field that is unrelated to […]

What to watch out for when changing to F-1 status

While in the U.S., you may need to change your status to a student F-1 visa from another non-immigrant visa in order to extend your stay. Because of a common misunderstanding that adjusting to a student visa requires only financial evidence and an I-20 form, it is important to understand that F-1 applicants are put under closer scrutiny by USCIS and that many of these cases are rejected.  The most attractive aspect of changing your status to that of a student is that there is no time limit on your stay in the U.S., as long as you maintain a […]

How to gain parole in the U.S. by starting a business_International Entreprenur Parole

Following an executive order by President Biden, foreign entrepreneurs are now able to gain authorized stay in the U.S. through International Entreprenur Parole, or IEP. This rule applies to those who begin a business and create jobs. Though commonly known as the foreign entrepreneur visa or the start-up visa, IEP should most accurately be understood not as a visa, but as a grant of parole to allow entrepreneurs to work, and operate a start-up, in the U.S.  Requirements to receive IEP are as follows. First, Entrepreneurs must have started a business venture in the U.S. within five years of applying. […]

The O-1 visa as an alternative for those who are not selected for H1B

Once the selection period for an H-1B visa ends, if you have not received any results, it may be time to consider an alternative route. The O-1 visa is one that may be a possible substitute for H1B hopefuls. Commonly called the “Artist visa,” the O-1 visa is not necessarily limited to a fixed number of fields and can apply to any individual with extraordinary abilities. Any person who can demonstrate they are an individual possessing extraordinary achievements in the arts, athletics or design can apply for an O-1 visa. The visa can also be issued to those who can […]

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