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How to prepare for the H-1B visa in 2022

In order to be an eligible employer, a business must have a Federal Employer Identification Number in the U.S., provide a professional job and pay fair wages. The employer must pay for any H1B visa-related attorney and immigration filing fees as part of its operating fees; inspection sometimes will check to see who paid the fees.

How to understand and use CPT and OPT

Foreign students often want to work while they’re studying with CPT, or curricular practical training. After graduation, they may begin their green card process using work through OPT, or optional practical training.  While attending school, students are able to be employed in a field corresponding to their area of study through CPT, if the employer provides a signed cooperative agreement or letter and the student receives approval from the school with an I-20. Students may work part-time during the semester and full-time during break. But if a student works full-time with CPT for 12 months or more with CPT, then […]

How to obtain a work-based green card without going through the H-1B visa

H-1B visa

As obtaining an H-1B visa becomes more difficult, more and more people who are being sponsored for a green card through their employer are getting it done through the EB-3 visa, sometimes by using Optional Practice Training (OPT). The third-preference EB-3 visa is the most widely used employment-based immigration visa. Applicants may include both skilled workers (people whose jobs require at least 2 years of work experience) and unskilled workers (for positions that do not take into account prior work experience or a minimum education requirement.) Even if you have a college degree in a field that is unrelated to […]

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