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I-360, Special Religious Worker

Those who are planning to move to the United States to work full-time in a religious vocation or occupation may qualify for a I-360 visa. This is set aside for immigrants, ministers and non-ministers alike. The Special Religious Worker visa is included as part of the several employment-based EB-4 visas that are available.

To qualify as a special religious worker, the foreign national must:

  • have had at least have 2 years’ commitment to a religious denomination that is considered a non-profit religious organization by the United States preceding the filing of the petition
  • have the intent to work full time in one of the following compensated job categories:
    • Minister
    • Religious vocation or occupation professionally or unprofessionally
    • Work must be performed at a bonafide nonprofit religious organization

Filling out Form I-360 can be a long and complicated process. Take our advice and work with an experienced immigration lawyer to help you through the process. In order to qualify as a special religious worker, you’ll need an aggressive attorney who can help prove that you are dedicated to working for your religious denomination.

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