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The greatest form of compliment is when our clients recognize our quality legal service with referrals & testimonials. Below is a selection of comments from a few of our satisfied clients.

Julie Kim

Finally, my permanent green card got approved! THANK YOU SO MUCH!, I highly recommend this law firm! I used Mr. Kim for my immigration case. After trying to get my green card for over 5 years with a handful of different lawyers, I was so relieved to finally find the lawyer that was able to be successful at it. The Law Offices of Gary J. Kim prepared all the required documents and made sure I understood every step we took towards securing my green card. I definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a trustful immigration lawyer.

Karen W.

When no one else could help, the Law Offices of Gary J. Kim provided me with all of the help i needed regarding my U.S. visa. They provided me with extremely effective professional legal services to help me get my visa. Mr. Kim is not only committed to your case, but treats you kindly with honesty. I would tell all my friends and family to go to them for help because they will provide you with the care you deserve. They are hard workers and detail oriented.

Mary Lee

My husband and I relied on Gary Kim for my green card application and if I had to do the whole process again, I wouldn’t choose any other law firm to work with. This law firm is committed to make the procedure way more approachable. For any future run ins with immigration, I will choose this law firm to help me every time.

Young S.

My wife and I found so much comfort by finding the Law Offices of Gary J. Kim. The attorney and staff members were all by our side and truly committed in helping us through the immigration process. They handled everything in a timely manner and made sure to update us professionally. They always kept us up to date with and informed us of what the next step was. Any questions that my wife or I had were answered promptly in an extremely helpful way.  I highly recommend this law firm if you are dealing with any immigration issues.

Zheng Z.

I strongly recommend Mr. Kim as an immigration attorney. My family felt completely hopeless after waiting for over 7 years on our case. We were so thankful we found the Law Offices of Gary J. Kim before giving up. He was able to solve all of our issues we were dealing with efficiently. As soon as we met him, we knew that he was going to be able to take care of us and help us through every step of the way.

Chun Miao

I strongly recommend the Law Offices of Gary J. Kim! After dealing with other lawyers, I finally found a lawyer who makes any legal issue you are going through into a less stressful situation. He will make sure that he exceeds your expectations while providing sound advice. You will not regret hiring this lawyer.

Mee Y.

After many years of fighting for my husband’s citizenship, Mr. Kim was able to help us win. Thank you so much for the kind staff members at The Law Offices of Gary J. Kim. I can’t believe that the long battle is now over and we have won! Thank you so much for helping, we can proudly and thankfully say my husband became a citizen just last month. Thank you!

Maria G.

Best attorney in Koreatown!! Mr. Kim helped my Green card application process quicker after waiting around on my own for 6 years. He stepped in and expedite the process. He CARES and will help you with everything. Impressive attorney with quality work!

Sungjae R.

They provided me with the most professional legal services for my U.S. visa issues. Attorney Gary Kim is honest, kind and responsible. I would recommend anyone I know to this law office. They are extremely helpful, kind, and committed to their clients’ cases.

Myunghoon L.

Mr. Kim is great. I received RFE for my H1b application with previous attorney. One of my family members told me about Mr. Kim and I have no regrets in choosing him. My case was extremely difficult to work with, but I’ve finally gotten approved for my visa. He did a good job. Completely on your side and easy to talk to. Get your legal case resolved like i did with his help!

Choi L.

My wife and I hired Mr. Kim, to apply for a green card for my wife. I can’t believe that my wife’s unlawful presence waiver was approved within 2 months. No matter what your situation is, hire a lawyer who knows how to get this for you! I am so impressed and I cannot thank Mr. Kim enough for all his hard work!

Sumin N.

Hands down, the best experience I’ve ever had. The Law Offices of Gary J. Kim helped me figure out a solution to my immigration case. They were professional entire time and smart and nice. I could see they put so much effort in working on my case. Anyone who needs help with immigration must use this law office. They are welcoming and helpful with any questions you may have.

Lisa J. Lee

We went to 3 immigration lawyers to get help for husband. He was going to be almost deported. All three of them told us that he needs to leave US and reenter after adjusting status and would take up to one year. We were referred by a friend about The Law Offices of Gary J. Kim and immediately call attorney Kim. We met with Mr. Kim and he was first to say that he would take the case and try his best to help my husband stay. He committed to getting my husband to stay here in the US. After he tried all different ways and endless phone conversations, we are happy to say that my husband can stay! Thank you for doing everything for us!

Chen W.

I would recommend Gary Kim as he is best immigration attorney. He helped me with 2 immigration issues and achieve good results I wanted both times. I cannot thank Gary Kim enough for all his hard work! Thank you for making this an awesome experience for me.

Daniel H.P.

Mr. Kim is extremely helpful to his clients and his staff members are super nice. They took care of my immigration issue. My case was complex and they took all the needed time to go through all the details. Every step of the way, I knew what we had to do next. They were honest with telling me that I might not win. This attorney took time to sit with me to make sure that he understood my case to give me best plan of action. He showed me what USCIS officer would review in the application. I am now a permanent resident!

Hansoo C.

I am really glad I hired Mr. Kim. My case was extremely difficult but he was able to make sure that I got my permanent resident card. Not only did he do a great job on my case, he took time to explain everything and gave me the time I needed to understand the process. He is best immigration lawyer, use him!

Michael Zhen

Mr. Kim is an excellent immigration lawyer. He is smart and he makes you comfortable. He takes time to answer any questions you have. He will not cut you off because your time is over. He will make sure that you take the steps you are happy with to bring you positive outcomes. I can now proudly say I’m American and thanks to him!

Wang T.

I met Mr. Kim at his office. My wife and I was extremely happy to get his help right away. When we spoke, we felt like we were being listened to and we even received advice in that first meeting. He is very knowledgeable about laws. My case was tough one and he was nice enough to take it and give it his best. I was promised that he will do it in timely manner. You should really go to him for help. You will know right away that he is a really nice person. My wife and I are so happy we met him.

Liu Min

Mr. Kim gave us the confidence we needed and took away our stress. It was a very hard time, but with their confidence and commitment to our case, we are happy with their work. If you are looking for a lawyer for your immigration issues, make sure you get this lawyer.

Kyung K.

The Law Offices of Gary J. Kim helped me with the EB-1 green card case. I was so stressed out before I used this law office. Attorney Kim helped me file out all the paperwork in correct way so I didn’t have to worry. Any questions I had they were able to answer right away. They provided constant updates for the status of my case and told me what I should expect next. I highly recommend Mr. Kim for any problems with immigration.